There are many ways you can help The Grimsby Skating Club to earn your volunteer hours.  Here are some ideas for you to plan your season.

 Dances –  Dances are held throughout our season to help raise funds for our club.  To earn hours, you can help out with chaperoning the event, working food booth, and clean up and set up. The hours for our dances are 7:00 -10pm. Plan on coming 1/2 hour before even for set up and staying another 1/2 hour after for clean up.  If you can only stay a partial time, please inform before so we can arrange to have your position covered. To arrange these volunteer hours contact any member of our board at front desk during your son/daughters skating times, or message our club through facebook.

OUR FIRST DANCE IS FRIDAY coming in October.

Tickets are available at the door. $10.00 each. Grades 4-8 Pizza, pop and assorted items are sold at concession stand inside the dance.
Note to parents.  Are dances are well chaperoned.  No child is allowed to leave early without parents picking them up.

 Music Booth – You may volunteer in music booth during the regular season skating times.  There is a calendar in the music room, inside the top drawer of the tall black cabinet.  Please write your name in the space allotted for your time that you can volunteer for.  If you cannot show up, make sure you erase your name so someone else can fill in the time.  If you are nervous about playing music, don’t be, all of us were first timers before, and members of the board will be happy to show you how to use the music equipment.

Starskate, Junior, Senior and Intermediate need volunteers to play music, as many of the skaters are competing and have tests this year.

Canskate cd only plays once, so no volunteer is needed for that time until show time at the end of the season.

Skate Competition We have one competition this year at our club in January, “Charles Dover.”  January 12,13,14, 2018. This event needs volunteers and we can provide you with more information when the competiton is closer and we can arrange time schedule.

Test Days–  Our club holds two test days throughout the season.  This is the day the skaters test for their levels in skating.  On these days volunteers are needed for music and skating captains.  Dates and times will be posted on website for upcoming test days.

Stay tuned for more volunteer opportunities.  When fundraising events near, we may post volunteer hour jobs for you to help out.

Note:  In addition to your volunteer hours that are specified in the registration package that you received, you are required to volunteer with the year end show.  More information will follow for that event at end of season.